Victory for Fewtrell and the Cup for Ahmed

13-March-2014 0:00
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The second round of the WSK Champions Cup, also run at La Conca, brought a lot of satisfaction to the RFM team with a win for Fewtrell and Ahmed ahead of Fewtrell overall in the KF-Junior category. Ollie Norris had a good run in KF before his clutch came loose in the final, while too many racing incidents prevented the other members of the British team from getting the results they deserved.

Ricky Flynn Motorsport demonstrated excellent competitiveness last weekend in both categories that the seven drivers were entered in. The team has now taken stock of the new tyres in 2014 on the FA Kart chassis, while the Vortex engines prepared by ONE are at full strength. All the ingredients are there for competitors to give their in the best events to come.

Timed practice took place in the rain, but the somewhat atypical provisional order was quickly corrected during the heats. Max Fewtrell has been very consistent at the front of the field. An incident in the CD heat and a penalty in the last heat deprived him of the lead, but he caught up by winning the prefinal, with the fastest lap, and then the final. Enaam Ahmed followed a similar path at a distance, catching up in his prefinal while setting the fastest lap. Unfortunately, he was pushed on the start line of the final and had to come back from 17th to 9th position, running three tenths faster than the leaders. This is what retained him his 1st place in the Champions Cup ahead of his teammate Fewtrell.

The German driver David Beckmann and Chinese Sun Yue Yang have made progress since the first round, they were both in the top 10 in the intermediate classification. Although he was a long way back in qualifying Beckmann finished in 3rd place in his prefinal before concluding in 12th position. Yue Yang twice rose to the top three in the heats, but the first round of the prefinal went wrong and he had to start a little too far back.

Ollie Norris was on the ball this weekend in KF. 2nd in qualifying in the rain, he has continued to perform well in the dry with third place at the end of the heats. Second in his prefinal, he fought in the top 6 in the final before giving up with a rare clutch fault. Lando Norris meanwhile made a step forward in this new category, as comfortable in the rain - 4th in qualifying - as in the dry in the first heat. Retiring in the last complicated the mission, especially as he was delayed by a driver who spun in front of him in his prefinal and he set off again a long way back. Despite his efforts and the fastest lap of the race, qualifying for the final escaped him. Guan Yu Zhou was a victim of the same incident, but had to retire when he had so far been a regular presence in the top 15.

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